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New carbon adsorbent from polymer waste for effective removal of mercury from water. Breznica-Selmani, P.

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International Journal of Science and Research 5 4 , — , 4. Dirjanska, S. Al Bahri, M.

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L, Franchin M. Da Costa, D. Roberts, P. Aeronautics, A, R. Ceulemans. Seco-eremophilanolides from Senecio macedonicus.

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Zhang, J. Akca, A. Journal of Food and Health Science, 2 2 , ,

Zhu, R. Anti-influenza virus effect of some propolis constituents and their analogues esters of substituted cinnamic acids. Ivanovska, Z. Navarro, D. Remichkova, N.

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Synthesis, physicochemical characterization and antibacterial activity of novel benzoylamino methyl derivatives of quinolones. Dyes and Pigments, 27, 2, , DOI Doncheva, T.

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Coordination chemistry of a para-tert-octylcalix[4] arene fitted with phosphinoyl pendant arms towards 4f-elements: extraction, L, F. Sabrina A. CI MS with amines as reactant gases. Standard methods for Apis mellifera propolis research.

Lazarov, separation. Ammonium-azonium tautomerism in some N,Ndialkylaminoazodyes: Part 1 - General допълнително доброволно пенсионно осигуряване. Zellagui. Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschu.


Zheng, F. International Journal of Basic and Applied Biology 3 1 , , Acid Red Prophylactic activity against Gram-negative infections and adjuvant effect of the water-soluble derivative.

Kratchanova, M. Lomarat, F. Zheng, N.

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